3/2/22- Sun sextile Uranus, Mercury conjunct Saturn, New Moon in Pisces

Creativity shines through today as Uranus fills our heart with potential and Saturn grounds and stabilizes us. Keep your thoughts positive, watering the seeds of faith and acceptance. This beautiful New Moon will allow us to reflect, release and revise. The invisible realms are open more fully now and we are asked to connect with our higher light. It is time to take a breath, releasing the heaviness of the past year and begin to plant the seeds of the New Astrological year that will begin next month.

Sun sextile Uranus- Uranus is the planet of sudden change and in this creative aspect to the Sun, this transit brings pleasant surprises. This is a really positive time to venture into something new. Flashes of insight are very probable and creativity is stimulated. Out of the box thinking and inventiveness may lead you to a different outlook on an old perspective.

Mercury conjunct Saturn– Saturn is the taskmaster, the planet of limitations & restrictions. Saturn assists us with the difficult work through slow and steady steps. With Mercury in such proximity to Saturn, our thoughts will be on the serious side & a great time to tackle challenging mental work. While this transit may feel heavy at times, focusing on the positive will allow you to truly dive deeply into complex issues that you may not have felt ready for prior to this transit. This is a wonderful time for focusing on things that require sustained connection, patience and sound judgment. Business dealings and long term planning are favored at this time as well.

New Moon in Pisces- Pisces marks the end of a cycle. What began at the New Moon in Aries, is now completed this month as we reach the 12th house- the House of Undoing. The first 6 houses represent the individual. From 7th house on we are working towards understanding the collective and how we fit into the whole. Now, as we celebrate the end of the astrological year, we are asked to dive into our depths and extract all the lessons we learned during this turn of the wheel. Pisces is a dreamy sign, one that asks us to delve into our own divine mind, to listen to the wisdom that lies within the invisible realms of our psyche. Allow the power of this time to assist you in not only releasing yourself from the difficult lessons you learned over this passage, but also to open your heart and plant those seeds that you wish to grow. This is a time when the veil is thin- when we straddle two worlds- embrace your intuition and inner guidance; celebrate your victories and nurture your wounds… allow your guides to whisper into your heart.

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