2/16/22 Full Moon in Leo

A Full Moon in the sign of Leo comes when the Sun is in the AirSign Aquarius. Aquarius can be detached & cold and can feel at times very distant from the heat of the Sun (Leo’s ruler).

Leo Full Moon brings a good balance of energy to the depersonalized nature of Aquarius; reminding us that it is okay to feel what lies within the heart; in fact, it is a wonderful opportunity to bring what lies within out into the world.

You may find yourself looking at how well you balance the individual ego with the collective… ask yourself, is what you want to personally manifest also good for everyone else involved?

Full Moons are a culmination, so this an ideal time to look at the seeds you planted during the New Moon in Aquarius and see if they have come to fruition. This is a time of finding and experiencing balance between the self and other.

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