12/11/21 Venus conjunct Pluto, Mercury sextile Jupiter

Balance between the emotions and the mind are called for at this time, as both the heart and head will be ablaze with fire and energy. This is a good time to plan for the future while watching out for relationship patterns that may be holding you back from your truest purpose. Work to release doubt and fear and feelings of “not enough”. Try to focus your energy, instead, on what you want to build (with or without a partner).

Venus conjunct Pluto– this transit may increase the need for love and the desire to experience it on a deeper level. Sparks will be in the air; however, it is important to govern the power of this transit judiciously. Misuse of power through manipulation will create issues. Feelings of jealousy may also emerge; stalking and spying are not advisable and if you are considering an affair- serious repercussions can result. Healthy relationships may enjoy intense physical connections and a deepening of passion.

Mercury sextile Jupiter– this transit provides a broad outlook and excellent decision making skills that allow for clear understanding of the road ahead. Jupiter is the planet of luck and this transit fosters beautiful, positive thinking. Self expression is fostered during this time and diplomacy and tact will rule the day in all interactions making this an ideal time for signing business deals. Travel is also favored as both Mercury and Jupiter have rulership over travel.

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