12/4 New Moon in Sagittarius

-New Moons are a time of new beginnings and new emotional cycles. Given the energy of Sagittarius being expansive, free and visionary, this New Moon asks us to plant seeds of optimism. This time asks us to shift our perspective from seeing things as they are to seeing things as they could be. This allows us to leave behind the painful parts of the past so we can envision a bigger and brighter future. Take this time to embrace hope and all the wonderful things that hope can bring with her. This is a time to release fear and embrace the changes that are yours to be made manifest.

This New Moon is especially powerful because it is a Total Eclipse. Eclipse season is a very karmic period: during this time of the year, we experience fated events and situations that have the purpose of speeding up our evolutionary pace and help us move forward in our growth journey. Sometimes, the process is uncomfortable and we don’t understand it fully while we are deep into it. With time, we develop more objectivity: looking back, everything gets clearer.

Solar Eclipses are supercharged New Moons that mark potent new beginnings and invite us to set clear intentions around what we desire to cultivate and focus on. Use this New Moon Ecplise energy to assist you in stepping into your POWER, use your voice to create necessary boundaries and begin to set your intentions on manifesting your deepest desires in the upcoming year.

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