11/10/21- Mercury conjunct Mars & Square Saturn

The combined aspects involving Mars and Saturn may create a push and pull- Mars driving planning and movement, Saturn asking us to pull back and use caution. Do not allow this time to throw you off kilter. Remember that balance is key. Incline towards caution and try to rise above negative thoughts and frustrations.

Mercury conjunct Mars– Mercury is the planet of communication and Mars is the planet of action. During this transit, mental activity is heightened; making for an ideal time to focus on planning, groundwork and ideas. Intellect is increased and this can be a great time to stand up and be heard. There can be an aggressive or defensive nature to thoughts and feelings however and can lead to the potential for arguments, lost tempers or difficult behaviors. The key to handing this transit lies in self-awareness and providing a positive outlet for increased energy; it is important to find a positive outlet during this time. This is not a time to back down from a fight, but be sure to choose your battles- “is this a good use of my energy?” Be mindful, this transit gives a tendency towards acting before thinking- so try to take your measures thoughtfully.

Mercury square Saturn– this transit favors hard mental work, better done on your own than in concert with others. This is due to potential issues with communication. Attention to detail is very important at this time. Take time making important decisions; seek trusted advice and try not to rely on the words of others. You may be prone to saying the wrong thing- so be equally mindful with what you say to others as well. Paying attention to your thought formations will be helpful- gloomy thoughts can have a negative affect on your mental wellbeing. Remember that the heaviness will pass- don’t allow yourself to fall into it.

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