New Moon in Scorpio ♏️

11/4/21- New Moon in Scorpio-

A Scorpio Moon is the most intense of all moon signs and the New Moon in Scorpio urges us to plant the seeds of expression.

Speak your truth, even if it is not easy to do- especially when what we have to say may conflict with those we love.

Scorpio asks us to delve into our deepest feelings and this New Moon will allow for deep release of your heart’s expressions; this is a purifying time and the throat chakra will be challenged to release blockages so you can fully embrace what is in your heart.

During this time, you may not just have the urge to express your truths, but you may also experience your feelings more fully than you might normally.

Powerful and profound Scorpio holds nothing back and this could be a very triggering time of deep healing. Remember the deeper you dive, the more wisdom you gain- follow your intuition in trust and faith.

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