10/22- Mars square Pluto

This is a difficult transit and brings into focus power struggles and confrontations due to an intense EGO desire to gain control.

Energetically many of us are working on transitioning from the concept of “force” (dominance vs submission) to a more aligned concept of emPOWERment (you are on your path, I am on mine). In this transit of Mars (focused energy) and Pluto (death/rebirth) we are being asked to maneuver through these difficulties with patience, focus and determination.

Avoid getting into EGO battles with others; take this time to bring your energy in close, very close, and set up those energetic protections so that you may remain unfazed by the strong and chaotic energy around you while you keep a steady eye on your end goals.

No-one can touch you if you keep your eyes on your own goals and avoid entanglements relating to being “right”.

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