New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini- Sun & Moon conjunct Mercury

June 10th…

Eclipse season is a very karmic period: during this time of the year, we experience fated events and situations that have the purpose of speeding up our evolutionary pace and help us move forward in our growth journey. Sometimes, the process is uncomfortable and we don’t understand it fully while we are deep into it. With time, we develop more objectivity: looking back, everything gets clearer.

Solar Eclipses are supercharged New Moons that mark potent new beginnings and invite us to set clear intentions around what we desire to cultivate and focus on.

The Solar Eclipse in Gemini is happening on the North Node of the Moon and invites us to welcome the future- opening a new chapter- new paths and learning opportunities.

Sun and Moon are conjunct Mercury (the planetary ruler of Gemini) and Mercury remains square to Neptune in Pisces. The tense alignments to Neptune will continue to make it difficult to see the big picture with clarity. With the Sun and Moon squaring Neptune- our emotional sensitivity will be amplified- however discernment is critical- focus on maintaining energetic boundaries and maintaining an objective perception.

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