Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde- January 30th.

2021’s first Mercury retrograde begins on January 30th and remains until February 20th; the first of only three this year.

When Mercury (the planet of communication) enters retrograde it is always a deep time to not react, but rather observe. Mercury is in the innovate and community minded sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is right now packed with a stellium of planets- Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury- they are all in the 12th house of undoing… with all the energy in 12th house Aquarius- some things may be strained or stressed- particularly new ideas or endeavors. Don’t worry- just step in faith. You are being guided. Also be mindful of your words- and think twice before you speak- especially on emotionally charged topics.

Mercury retrograde is a time to revisit your goals, spend time in contemplation, create art that expresses the deepest self. Don’t attempt to force things or start anything new. Set your plans and intentions… Renew your energy.

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