Winter Solstice, The Grand Conjunction & the dawn of a New Age

As the Winter Solstice approaches tomorrow we experience a shift in energy brought forth by the Grand Conjunction of Saturn (representing limitations and structure) and Jupiter (the planet of expansion) in the Air sign, Aquarius. While the transition from the Age of Pisces has been underway for a time now (we have been on the cusp of this change for a few decades) many see this Grand Conjunction as a portal into the new Age; this age representing innovation, group consciousness and spiritual purification.

Each Age lasts about 2,000 years and we can go as far back as 10,500 BC to align the constellation and astrological sign with the signifying events, characteristics and symbolism that echo that Age. Each Age is determined by the sign that was prevalent during the March equinox.

For those of us helping to usher in this new Age, this energetic shift is one that cannot be ignored. We have chosen to be here, at this time, during this transition, to help shift consciounesss. Below is an outline of each age and the symbolism that was represented.


Age of Leo- 10,500 BC – 8,000 BC
The Golden age- deglaciation, rising the sea levels
Leo a Fire sign ruled by the Sun and this “warming” and mass “melting” set the stage for life to flourish.

Age of Cancer- 8,000 BC – 6,000 BC
The great Mother- the beginning of civilization, domestication of farm animals, permanent dwellings
Wide spread evidence of Mother Goddess in Near East

Age of Gemini- 6,000 BC – 4,000 BC
Age of communication, trade, the twins
Trade started to accelerate
Constellation represented twins holding hands (Symbolic of trade and communication of people)
Multiple gods such as Pantheon of Gods in Greek literature

Age of Taurus- 4,000 BC – 2,000 BC
The age of Earth, agriculture, and the bull
Building of Pyramids
Epic of Gilgamesh- the hero slays the bull of heaven
Bull worship- ankh represents thoracic vertebra of bull
Moses descended from mountain found several followers worshipping a Golden bull calf- he instructed they be killed
The killing of the bull ended age of Taurus and ushered in the Age of Aries- which Moses represents

Age of Aries- 2,150 BC – 1 AD
Age of war, fire, and the ram
Bold action, courageous initiatives and adventure
Expanding empires of China, Persia, Greece and Rome
Sacrifice of Abraham’s ram in the Bible instead of his son
The battering ram was used with great success during this time
Roman people were known as “sons of Mars” (Aries is ruled by Mars)
Aries associated with metal iron – first iron ore smelted and made into swords (replacing bronze)
Replacement of polytheism with monotheism: Starting with pharaoh Akhenaten- who declared Aten the Supreme God (Sun God)
Rumor has it that Moses was influenced by Akhenaten- multiple gods into one single god

Age of Pisces 1 AD – under debate
Age of monotheism, spirituality and the fish
Symbol of Christ is the fish- 12 apostles considered “fishers of men”
Jesus code name “ikhthis” Greek wold for fish
When Jesus was asked when new Passover would be- “behold when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water… follow him into the house where he enter within” Jesus, Luke 22:10
Aquarius constellation- man carrying pitcher of water

Age of Aquarius-
The age of freedom- space, travel, electricity
Group consciousness purification of inner spirit selves affecting outer physical selves

I wish you peace on this Winter Solstice, as the Sun is Reborn, as the light is rekindled. It may hope that these blessings, that this shift, will usher in a new day filled with compassion, love and sustainability.

Blessings to my friends on this most Divine experience. I am honored that we are alive at this junction, during this massive Conjunction. May our light shine.

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