Mars turns retrograde

September 9th, Mars in Aries turns Retrograde. This energy is going to affect everyone one one level or another, but those with Aries influences in their chart even more significantly. With Mars, the planet of War, slowing down until November 13th, things may seem more uncertain. Energy in relationships and in the work environment may feel stuck. This would not be a good time to start a new endeavor.

Emotions of frustration and anger may run high at this time. It is beneficial to take step back and really try to understand the lesson behind the feelings- instead of reacting to them. Incline towards a more compassionate viewpoint of others during this time and try not to take unnecessary offense by the actions of others under this influence.

Now is a great time to ride the wave of this down-time and really evaluate what you want from your relationships, what you want from yourself in fact. Moving inwards, bringing your own energy closer now, will help you in receiving the lessons this retrograde is trying to teach you.

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