On this weekend of powerful energy

When, as children, our self worth becomes based upon external accomplishment we learn to fear accomplishment itself; we learn to either run away from the fear of failure or dive into spectacular success; both to the detriment of the moment, to the detriment of our sanity and balance.  We come to equate our “specialness” with things outside our selves; setting up the duality of “emptiness” vs “fullness”. Our Inner Child comes to believe that we are not special in and of ourselves, but only measured by some external force.  

Now is the time to embrace the truth, that we are enough, just by being here right now; that the measure of a person is based upon their ability to see the fullness of the picture within- the light and dark- as co-existing duality, as spinning force.  The measure of a being is their connection to the source of light available to us all… consciousness is eternally now… The measure of a being is in their ability to see life on a micro and macro basis; seeing that each wave vibrates and reverberates through us all upon this divine web; all of us inter-connectedly riding the soft touch of eternity.

On this weekend of powerful energy, I wish us hope…  the flame of divine justice, the spirit of divine love, the strength of divine mind.  

Healing involves a journey into the depths of our soul; feeling the richness of suffering and joy.  Releasing each into the wind to be reborn again.  Deep pain flows, dark and deep from within the caverns of our collective consciousness- dramatically release with gratitude; for having touched the fire of pain, we gather to us the salve of compassion.

As the rain falls,  as I write this, my spirit- for the first time in weeks- breathes deep into the heart of things and dances again with the thunder as cool water soothes and cleanses my worried heart.

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