Ego’s black hole

When we fall powerfully enough into our own ego; and the ego gets its attention from latching into emotions of fear, pain, anger- we become like a black hole that pulls, in essence ripping a hole into, the energy around us- and pulling us into more darkness.

People have the effect of a black hole by falling into their ego- by embracing their feelings, to such and extent that they pull everyone around them into this same void.

This is the law of attraction. When you are near energy uncontrollable and no defenses are up – we are susceptible to experiencing these emotions, along with that person.

When you lose the battle with the ego and give it attention by focusing on the emotion it’s carrying for you- it’s important to maintain your practice of mindfulness. It is through the consistent reminder of the NOW that we can calm the storm and regain balance. Give yourself gratitude for seeing the truth of what you were doing and refocus on what makes your heart sing.

With regards to having a person in your life who creates disruptive energy on a deep or regular basis- it’s important to set up boundaries for yourself. Fortify your energy field through deep ritual and call on Archangel energy when you need to clear and clean your space. You need to remember that they are experiencing ego betrayal and that their soul right now is falling into a dark black hole… give them compassion- but keep their darkness theirs; do not allow it to become yours.

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