Tarot message- be mindful where you expend energy

Page of cups reversed crossed by knight of cups

Feelings are running quite strong right now and we may be tempted to react to them by lashing out at others or at ourselves. Give your emotional body time to sort through the feelings before you take any action at all. You may he feeling let down, disappointed, angry. There may be a valid reason based on a conversation or interaction that you have today. However, before you speak- before you react- before you do anything- consider if these reactions are in your best interest- and not meaning in the immediate right now (because it may feel initially good to lash out) but in the long run. Remember that we are still under the fire sign of Aries- and what we do now will have a ripple effect. Consider this- do you want to spend energy feeding your anger, fear, disappointment or would you rather put your focus on compassion, forgiveness and self care?

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