4-4-4 Portal

The 4 -4 -4 portal today is opening and we are being called to evolve past limiting beliefs- to embrace our unhealed pieces and – to release our consciousness into the deep expanse of interbeing.

4 signifies growth, expansion, stability. We are being guided to inner understanding through silence, isolation, meditation. When we expand inward, our abilities to manifest increase in force and intensity. Our inner vision becomes the outer reality as we deep dive into possibility and unknown ability.

Old karmic energy stored within the solar plexus and sacral chakras is releasing- fear, doubt, shame and guilt are floating away now from their resting places to be transmuted by pure light of purpose and soul.

Shield and ground your energy now- as sensatives, empaths and the like may be beacons for discharging energy. Keep your energy field clear by calling in archangel energy, the 5th dimensional tube of light, or any other guide to assist you in removing anything that is not yours or for your highest good.

Invest time in that which makes your heart sing today. Deeply dive into the waters of your own being- find refreshment within the healing deep that washes your soul clear of what was- embrace the flow of a new direction, with strength, faith and compassion.

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