Tarot message- focus on the blessings

Seven of Cups crossed by The Tower

Do not give up hope, all the loss and destruction you may have endured recently, or the abrupt changes to your life- altering your perspective have been leading you to this place, to this time… you are standing now, in this moment, in the exact place you are supposed to be… feeling exactly what you need to feel in order to gain the clarity you need to understand better your life mission: your divine purpose. Gifts and blessings are here, now, even if you cannot see them. Today, instead of despair- instead of focusing on the suffering- think of a few things for which you can give thanks. Gratitude will flow within it more of the same. Remember that you are alive, breathing, seeing, feeling.. you are special and you have a purpose… focus on the blessings, not the loss and see your life become peaceful and more balanced.

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  1. Joseph Tainsh · December 4, 2019

    Always been fascinated by tarot, would love to know more. This is a real take home message for all of us, practicing gratitude is v.important. Thanks for sharing!

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