Monthly Tarot Guidance

Monthly Guidance- December 2019

The Sun: After a year of lessons, letting go, accepting and abundance, the year comes to a close with  Major Arcana card- The Sun.  Take time this month to look back on where you have been- and where you are going.  Sun’s energy arrives to help us formulate understandings, complete the process of releasing and to reenergize us as we move into 2020.  Remember to practice your rituals, exercise kindness towards yourself and others and allow the flow of peace that you have worked so hard to achieve this year to cover you… the golden light of enlightenment and peace is within you now as you make your way down the road- step by step, remember you are guided and protected… release- renew- revitalize now… 2020 will be a year of great abundance- do not forget to give thanks and ease your being into the new energetic signature you have nurtured through the past  year.

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