November tarot guidance

Eight of Cups reversed

This month mercury is retrograde and things slow down quite a bit. During this time of reflection and quiet, take the time to evaluate where you are and where you wish to be going. What is working for you and what do you need to leave behind? Eights signify abundance, but this eight is reversed- meaning the flow of these changes may be counter to what you hoped, what you thought you wanted. Perhaps these changes you need to make come rife with pain and suffering… we are not given storms to destroy- but to forge new paths. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture and take the time to really consider, “is this good for me?” If not- no matter how much it hurts- this is the time to release and walk away. Next month will be brighter- if you do the work and accept that which is. Inner peace can only be attained through acceptance and release. Let go and see what the universe has in store for you.

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