Tarot message- stop look and listen

Judgement reversed crossed by King of Pentacles

You may be holding stress or doubt about a situation and how to move forward. There seems to be a fluctuating in this, as these same cards appeared only a few days ago and Justice was upright. I think there needs to be a cease in the vacillation of a decision… it is time to stop thinking… thoughts are creating unnecessary stress and strain- instead today, take a moment to turn your mind off… find a moment to stop, look and listen… you are being called to clarity if you allow yourself to be heard… ground your energy and know that you are divinely guided… let the rest go for today and sit in your silence, in your trust- listen to your intuition… you will find your answers there… if you are questioning whether to trust someone who is appearing to assist you- stop questioning- this is just old trauma playing out- do not react to the anxiety- just push forward

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