Angel message✨

Angel of Belief

We linger so within pain and discomfort; hoping to find answers to problems that do not reside within. Putting down these sufferings can be scary and uncomfortable and living with them is the same… therefore, today, decide to find peace in your mind, in your thoughts. Release yourself, just for today, from the worry that plagues you, from the pain that has lingered within for so long, from the anger that dwells just beneath everything. BELIEVE that you are here for a larger purpose, BELIEVE that you are important, BELIEVE that you are more than the pain and suffering that has dogged your steps from ancestral traumas and dissention. It is time to overstand your purpose here… you are more than the feelings that hurt you, you are more than the traumas you have endured, you are special, you are good enough… today believe in the power of YOU…

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