Message of balance 🙏

Materialism (Devil) crossed by The Fool

The duality in our nature can sometimes make seeing the way forward difficult for us. Today we are urged to be mindful of how our desires and actions on the material plane may be playing out within us on the spiritual level. Discord between the decisions that we make in our daily lives and our true soul path can cause confusion internally. Be mindful of your habits, your thought patterns and those things that you do to “survive” and how those may be sitting in conflict to your true nature and design. We all make compromises at times to deal with the everyday; today really think on those compromises that you are being asked to make and truly ponder if they fall in line with your true self. What do you need to perhaps stop doing to become more in step with your divine nature. Let go of those things that no longer serve you as you elevate your vibration…. do not allow yourself to become “caught” in fear based thinking, where you sacrifice something important within you to avoid what you might perceive as a material disaster. It is time to decide where you footfall needs to follow…

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