Today’s message

The star reversed
Perhaps lately you’ve been feeling lost, unequipped, rudderless… like you don’t know which side is up anymore. I feel despair coming from this card- like you are at your wits end… not sure how to move forward. Take a breath…. it’s okay to feel lost. It’s okay to be unsure. Find peace within this feeling. Find solitude here and remember that even though you might not see everything exactly- you are protected, you are okay… it’s not about what happens to us- it’s about how we react to those things that happen to us. Find peace within your breath- know you are alive- know this is special. There are things unfolding right now that you cannot see… let that happen. All works for your highest and best good. Find peace and let it all unfold. All is well- you are well. Take care of yourself now and wait it out- clarity will return very soon.

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