on self acceptance

Living in the North East gives me such a perspective on the inevitability of change in life. The Autumnal Equinox has passed and so begins the long journey into darkness; though, I cannot say that I am saddened by this cyclical alteration. Each aspect, or side of our personality, gives us additional clues to who we are, and how we can mend the broken pieces of our consciousness as we make our way to becoming our highest and best self.

So today, my thoughts drift to the shadow side of myself. In the past, I have often opted to avoid these dusty places within my heart out of fear… fear of seeing things that would bring shame, or pain, or sorrow. I hid from the more “raw” areas that lay out of reach. However, there is no light without dark; there is no up without a down; no yin without a yang. In accepting these more difficult aspects- like past traumas, abandonments, or even our own wrongdoings- we are able to more fully embrace that which is also part of our human experience.

Today take the time to hug and nurture those shadow sides. Through acceptance of things that aren’t as pretty, or as joyful, or as peaceful within the “self” we are able to more fully accept the reality of who we are… and in doing so- release our own thoughts and how we think of other from the judgement that binds us into lower vibrational living.

love and light

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