Reiki & Intuitive Healing

Remote healing & Reading session now available

Mystic Healing Reiki is offering a 45 minute Remote Healing/Reading session via FaceTime, Facebook Video Call or WhatsApp.  This session will include a Mindfulness Meditation, Tarot reading and Healing/Blessing ceremony.

We are in the process of a great rebirth- a mass energetic awakening… the interconnectedness, the web that links us to each other, to earth and to source- it is vibrating- stripping away all the trappings that held us attached- to all those things we were afraid to lose. This shedding is reminding us that we are more- that we need less- that love is the only thing that can release us from suffering… accept what you cannot control- using mindfulness as your guide- breathing in- I am full of light- breathing out- I accept my place…. breathing in- I let go of suffering- breathing out- I trust my path.

Service is $50 and can be scheduled at your convenience.  Contact me for details:

Facebook- @mystichealingreiki   IG- mystichealing1111  Text- 845-568-7891



With a heavy heart and much consideration, Mystic Healing Reiki will be pausing all classes and healing sessions amid the growing concerns of possible virus transmittal. We all must do our part to keep everyone safe and healthy as we go through these trying times. I will be rescheduling appointments and classes as soon as the threat of illness is diminished.

I wish you health, healing and love right now.  Remember that disease feeds on fear and stress.  Take this time to pause, slow down and reflect on your blessings.  Use this time to relax: take a salt bath, a walk outside, sing a song, paint a picture…

With Love- Erin

~House Clearing and Blessing Ceremonies available~

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blue petaled flower Reiki Healing- 60 min & 30 min sessions available

Reiki is a gentle “hands on” relaxation and stress reduction technique. It is a balancing of the body’s energy to promote relaxation, reduce pain, reduce stress & anxiety, decrease fatigue and promote better health and emotional balance.

It is a holistic therapy that removes blocks to the flow of energy in the body. When energy flow in your body is restored or balanced, you are more likely to feel relaxed and your body’s natural abilities are better utilized.

Your first session will include a consultation and 30 or 60 minute Reiki Session
$66.00 (60 min) & $44.00 (30 min)

gaden1Intuitive Healing- 60 min 

Enjoy a Reiki Healing session and Intuitive Card reading.  Explore what blocks you from your highest and best good, find relief, release and awaken- $77.00

flower Energy Healing- 90 min

Energy healing includes Guided Meditation, Reiki Healing and Mini Intuitive Reading.
Will assist in balancing your energy, re-aligning your chakras, re-centering your body/mind connection and releasing stress. $111.00

Energy Healing- 60 min Guided Meditation plus Reiki Healing or Mini Intuitive Reading- $66.00

nature flowers lotus lotus leaf Tarot Reading

Tarot is a mystical tool designed to answer questions and uncover concerns. Patterns, themes and messages are interpreted through both the tarot card messages and positions in which they fall.  If you have a specific question or area of concern; bring it with you.

30 minute session: $35.00

Remote Reading via email- In-depth spread: $45.00

flowerOracle Card Reading

Oracle Cards are messages from your guides and higher self.  They appear with specific instructions with how to reach and achieve your highest good as well as manifest your deepest desires.  Oracle Cards will provide you with insight into your own intuition and what you can change about a situation to help it flow better.  These messages help you to achieve balance and happiness.

30 minute session: $35.00

Remote Reading via email- In-depth spread: $45.00

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Allow the power of healing to help you improve your energy, gain the clarity you desire and soothe traumas; enabling you to become the best version of you possible.

Decide today that you want to awaken your inner healer and find the peace that is your divine right.

Learn more about how Reiki and Intuitive Tarot readings can help.

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