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Reiki Healing / Intuitive Hypnosis & Past Life RegressionCeremony / Intuitive Card Readings / Astrological Natal Chart Readings

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blue petaled flower Reiki Healing- 60 min & 30 min sessions 

Reiki is a gentle “hands on” relaxation and stress reduction technique. It is a balancing of the body’s energy to promote relaxation, reduce pain, reduce stress & anxiety, decrease fatigue and promote better health and emotional balance.

It is a holistic therapy that removes blocks to the flow of energy in the body. When energy flow in your body is restored or balanced, you are more likely to feel relaxed and your body’s natural abilities are better utilized.

Your first session will include a consultation and 30 or 60 minute Reiki Session
$75.00 (60 min) & $44.00 (30 min)

gaden1 Intuitive/Energy Healing Sessions- with Guided Journey

Energy Healing (Guided Journey, Tarot Reading & Reiki Healing)- 90 min

Energy healing includes Guided Meditation Journey, Reiki Healing and Mini Intuitive Reading.
Will assist in balancing your energy, re-aligning your chakras, re-centering your body/mind connection and releasing stress. $99.00

Intuitive Reading (Guided Journey &  Tarot Reading)- 60 min 

Deeply release long held traumas and awaken your inner healer with a guided journey customized to awakening/strengthening your gifts and understanding energetic blockages. This transformative session includes an Intuitive tarot reading to assist in gaining clarity about your path.

Explore what blocks you from your highest and best good, find relief, release and awaken- $75.00

Energy Healing (Guided Journey & Reiki)- 60 min 

Gain insight by visiting your Guides, Higher Self & Inner Child.  Then clear, cleanse and restore your energy with a Healing Reiki session.

Renew your energy with this relaxing energy healing session- $75.00

flower Intuitive Astrological Chart reading

Dive into the energetic signature of your Astrological makeup with an Intuitive Astrological Natal Chart Reading and subsequent intuitive transit readings.  For these services, please provide your Date/Time/Location of Birth.

Natal Chart Consultation: Full Natal Chart and Intuitive reading 60 minute session: $122.00

90 min Star Healing Session– 60 min Natal Chart reading plus 30 min Reiki: $175

120 min Star Healing Session– 60 minute Natal Chart reading plus 30 min Intuitive reading & 30 min Reiki: $222

 Intuitive Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression

60 min Deep Healing Session: Intuitive Hypnotherapy Healing is a 60 minute guided journey into your deepest self. This journey is customized to your specific healing needs and can help with anxiety, habit control, self love, confidence and more. This journey assists you in connecting with your highest wisdom, with your guides and ancestors and can help with clarity and balance: $125

90 min Deep Healing Session: 60 min Intuitive Hypnotherapy Healing plus 30 min Reiki: $155

120 min Past Life Healing Session: Past Life Regression works with the mind, body, emotions and energetic framework to assist you in finding root causes of problems or issues in order to heal and release them: $222

 Wisdom Healing Ceremony

90 min Wisdom Healing Ceremony: Enter sacred space and allow the wisdom of your higher self to shine through. This ceremony includes Mayan Oracle guidance, sound healing to clear & purify your energetic system, Guided Journey to your Sacred Temple, Reiki Healing and wisdom from the Major Arcana: $155 

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Remote Healing Sessions over FaceTime and Zoom are available.  Reach out for details.

Allow the power of healing to help you improve your energy, gain the clarity you desire and soothe traumas; enabling you to become the best version of you possible.

Decide today that you want to awaken your inner healer and find the peace that is your divine right.

Learn more about how Reiki and Intuitive Readings can help.

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